2016/03/25 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Legislator Calls For Ban On After-Hour Messages

In the latest session of the Legislative Yuan, labor rights of being free from employers’ calls after working hours were promoted; however, the Minister of Labor still says they have little control over the operation of the companies, including protecting labor rights after hours.

2015/10/07 | 阿Ken

39 Banks in Taiwan Might Be Asking Employees To Work Illegal Overtime Hours

According to the results from the Taipei City Department of Labor's inspection on working conditions in the banking industry, among 32 banks, 97% did not comply to regulations regarding payments of working overtime, 69% were beyond legal overtime hours and 56% failed to hold labor-management meetings according to regulations. The fine is estimated to be about NT$ 9 million (approximately US$ 270 thousand).