2018/06/04 | The Conversation

Urbanization, the Escalator Dilemma and Big Data

Cities might be better off if people stood still on longer climbs, one study finds.

2017/12/26 | Li You

Nomadic Lifestyles Erode as Xinjiang Grows Warmer

Pastoralists' tradition of winter migration threatened by lack of snowfall and a resettlement policy.

2017/08/07 | Guo Quanzhi

Homeless Take Shelter in China’s 24-Hour Bookstore

As rents soar, the city’s homeless, ‘hukou’-less and house poor find refuge between the shelves of a bookstore in China.

2017/08/02 | Lu Hongyong

Education Charity in China Struggles to Soar Amid Rural Brain Drain

The Adream Foundation serves 3 million underprivileged students but is hampered by top teaching talent fleeing to cities.

2017/05/22 | Bingqin Li

China's Social System Reform is Going Nowhere

China’s hukou (household registration) system is often criticized for hindering the free movement of labor and creating inequality. In recent years the hukou system has undergone considerable reform. But is this enough to turn around the trends in China’s regional inequality?

2017/03/25 | Karthik Madhavapeddi

Double-Edged Sword: Urbanization Brings Malnutrition and Obesity Problems to India

In India, distress migration to urban areas is creating food security problems and the urban poor is deprived of nutritious food.