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2018/05/24 | Eryk Smith
Kaohsiung Builds but People May Need a Nudge Before They Come
Kaohsiung is constructing monuments to progress, but basic quality-of-life improvements are needed to make the city truly livable.
OPINION: The World Has Much to Learn from Singapore
Singapore will have to navigate uncharted waters of an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world.
2017/12/16 | Eli Elinoff
Thailand's Urban Planning: a Weapon against the Poor
The downtrodden of Thailand's cities are being driven out of the city in the name of condos and infrastructure.
2017/10/03 | Harry den Hartog
Cities of China: Exotic, Modern, Dynamic — But Never ‘Livable’?
Western-centric metrics focusing on the lifestyles of a wealthy global elite ignore the real reasons why people love living in cities like Shanghai.
2017/03/24 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: The Neon Lights That Once Lit Up Taiwan
Walking down streets in Taiwan, LED lightboxes dominate one’s sight, especially at night. Yet this wasn’t the case until the 1980s. Before that, it was neon lights that drew in customers.
2017/03/03 | Michael Beltran
The Last Days of the Philippine Jeepney?
It is less a question of modernity and more about profiting from the plight of millions under the disguise of 'progress.'
2017/02/22 | Michael Beltran
Who Started the Manila Fires? (Part One)
'Someone wanted them to happen, someone stands to profit, and hardly anybody is talking about it.'
2017/02/20 | Andrea Baldini
Postindustrial Masterpiece: Shanghai’s Power Station of Art
The museum’s eclectic mix of old and new reveals an offbeat official approach to urban redevelopment.
2016/12/23 | Harry den Hartog
How China’s ‘Mall Mania’ Destroys Local Communities
Gleaming monuments to consumerism are sapping urban neighborhoods of their vitality.
2016/12/15 | Melvin Wah
Stubbornly Separate: A Symbol of Defiance in Singapore
The Potong Pasir estate has long looked, felt, and behaved differently from other parts of Singapore. Melvin Wah takes a look at the history of this unusual area and why it stands apart in Singaporean society and politics.
2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low
Urban Development Threatens Kaohsiung's Oldest Aboriginal Community
What is home if the people are no more, a member of Taiwan’s Indigenous Youth Front asks?