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2018/08/15 | David Green
BOOK REVIEW: 'Scales of Injustice,' the Complete Fiction of Lōa Hô
Known as 'the father of modern Taiwanese Fiction,' Lōa Hô shines a light on Taiwan's colonial past and the long-suffering people who populated it.
2018/02/23 | Hugo Zeng
OPINION: So Long, Lung Slice: China Changes Its Translation Tactics
China wants some 3,500 words translated differently, but do these changes really matter in everyday life?
2017/08/19 | Kenrick Davis
East Side Story Overshadowed as Chinese Opt for Western Musicals
In a boom year for foreign productions, makers of homegrown musicals struggle to draw audiences, investment, and talent.
2017/08/18 | Yao Liqing
Translation Wages in China Affecting the Popularity of Foreign Classics
China’s translators are severely underpaid, and the proof is in the print.
2017/03/13 | Keith Menconi
Brothers Paid to Translate YouTube Silliness for Chinese Speakers
BC and Lowy on bringing English language YouTube silliness to a Chinese speaking audience.
2016/09/23 | Guobin Yang
Translation, Cyber Nationalism and Activism in China
Besides cyber-nationalism, translation plays an important role in environmental activism, feminist activism, labor activism and human rights activism.
2016/08/01 | Dan Nosowitz
How Movie Titles Get Lost in Translation
'Cultural norms have to be considered, and idioms have to be reorganized, which is why translation remains, for the most part, a job done by humans (even if they are on the whole very poorly paid humans).'