2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang

Tsai Apologizes as First Step to Transitional Jusice for Taiwan's Aborigines

'The reason I am standing here today is because some people, up until now, still think an apology is unnecessary and still take other groups’ pain for granted.'

2016/08/01 | J. Michael Cole

Tsai Gets Passing Grade for Apology to Taiwan’s Aborigines

President Tsai’s apology to the nation’s Aborigines went better than expected. But that was the easy part: now the real work begins.

2016/07/26 | J. Michael Cole

A Catalyst for KMT Reform?

In post-Sunflower Taiwan, the KMT’s ‘ill-gotten’ assets are more scarlet letter than an advantage.

2016/03/02 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Ranks First in Political Transformation by German Think Tank, But 76% Taiwanese Might Disagree

With the anniversary of the 228 Incident this past Sunday, many Taiwanese stood out to call for transitional justice from both the current and newly-elected government. While a German think tank ranked Taiwan first place in transitional justice, a poll by Business Today, a Taiwanese finance magazine, reveals over 76% of the respondents think transitional justice hasn’t been fully implemented in Taiwan.

2015/11/30 | TNL 編輯

Owing Aboriginals Too Much? DPP Presidential Candidate Will Apologize To The People if Elected

Tsai Ing-wen said that the aboriginal policies announced on August 1 this year were also the first policies announced in the 2016 presidential election. This shows her respect and affirmation towards the original owners of the island and her determination to solve related issues.

2015/11/24 | Kenzo

Indigenous People Refused Entrance of Traditional Territory

Hanisazan has a special significance to the Bunun people. Their ancestors migrated south from Xinyi Township and the mountain was an important watershed where the tribe would gather.