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2018/08/23 | Greg Brost
Study Flags Complexity of Suicide Risk Among Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous people's must be considered as urbanites seek relief from the pressures of the city in Taiwan's green spaces.
OPINION: Lessons Taiwan Can Learn from German Transitional Justice
Students in Taiwan should focus on the period after German reunification to draw lessons on how to deal with transitional justice.
2017/12/20 | Lo
Nationalist Treasure: Taipei's Streets Contain a Secret Map of China
Taipei's street names are rarely older than 50 years, but their story goes back another century.
Taiwan’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee: The Geopolitics of Transitional Justice in a Contested State
Taiwan President Tsai’s interest in a truth and reconciliation commission also reflects Taiwan’s contested space in the global world order of nation states.
2016/08/25 | ZiQing Low
Truku Aborigines Protest 'Unfair' Police Arrest
Aborigines claim they are prosecuted for carrying out their traditions.
2016/08/25 | Mark Harrison
President Tsai's Apology: Signaling the Modern Taiwan
'The apology to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples will further the cause of indigenous rights, but also signals the distinctive modern society and polity that Taiwan has become.'
2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang
Tsai Apologizes as First Step to Transitional Jusice for Taiwan's Aborigines
'The reason I am standing here today is because some people, up until now, still think an apology is unnecessary and still take other groups’ pain for granted.'