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2017/04/11 | Li Zhi
The Coming Wake-Up Call for China’s Tourism Industry
Crowds of visitors to the country’s scenic areas have investors taking rash, risky and unsustainable decisions.
2016/12/09 | Matthew Fulco
Airbnb Faces an Uncertain Future in Taiwan
The company’s popular apartment-sharing business remains illegal in Taiwan.
2016/10/11 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan Offers Free Flights to Attract Japanese Tourists
Taiwan hopes a generous travel subsidy will boost Japanese tourist numbers in the final two months of the year.
2016/03/03 | Jeffrey Tsai
Chinese Tourist Levels Rumored to Lower Between March to May
·Dropping Chinese tourist levels may negatively affect Taiwan’s tourist industry. ·The election of Tsai Ing-wen may have prompted the Chinese government to restrict Cross-Strait tourism.
2015/12/01 | Yang
Will the Increase in Maximum of Chinese Tourists to Taiwan Affect Quality of Domestic Tourism? Legislator Says No
On November 30, the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced the new tourism policy at congress. Legislators questioned the Minster of Transportation and Communications, Chen Jian-Yu, that the ministry promised to regulate the total number of Chinese tourists, but recently it declared to adjust the maximum number of these tourists per day, which may have a major impact on the domestic tourism industry.
2015/10/22 | Zou Chi
Chinese Tourists Only Bringing People and No Revenue to Taiwan?
Legislator Chen Ou-po says that the tourism industry has been overly dependent on Chinese tourists, but their average travel budget is only US$ 94. However, the average travel budget for Australian tourists is US$ 1,223, which means the expenses of one Australian tourist's equals to that of 13 Chinese tourists. Chen suggests that Taiwan should seek more tourists from other countries instead of relying on China.