2018/06/08 | Greg Brost

Taiwan Rescue Dog Spreads Love Around the World

A rescued puppy captures a visiting couple's love for Taiwan.

2017/04/07 | Rosemary Chen

FEATURE: Taiwan Stray Dog Adoption Languishing as Shelters Overflow

Taiwan’s new ban on euthanizing stray dogs will lead to more dogs left on the streets if adoption rates don't pick up, animal welfare workers fear.

2017/02/15 | Rosemary Chen

‘We Don’t Always Agree’: A Much-Needed Dialogue on Stray Dog Issues in Taiwan

Underfunded and understaffed animal shelters were the focus of a documentary “Twelve Nights” released in 2012. The film sparked public outrage over the practice of euthanasia in stray dog shelters in Taiwan and eventually led to the ban of euthanasia practice that came into effect this February.