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2017/06/12 | Morris Jones
Asia is Making Strides in the Space Race
Space affects the state of a nation’s economy in the information age. It influences cyberwarfare and traditional warfare.
2017/01/21 | Lauren Young
The Female Space Sculptor Who Designed the Earliest Space and Aviation Helmets
Alice King Chatham's name is attached to some of the world's most pivotal aviation and space experiments.
2016/11/28 | TV Padma
Pollution From India, China Reaches Stratosphere
Pollution is also affecting the pattern of the South Asian monsoon.
Space Biology and China: Rethinking the Space Age
There is nothing to suggest that historians of technology a hundred years from now will be as comfortable as we are at folding China’s spacefaring accomplishments in with the 'more sophisticated' efforts of the West.
2016/11/08 |
China and the Problem of Trash in Space
China needs to seriously consider a possible legal framework for environmental protection in outer space.
2016/11/03 | Ajey Lele
China’s Space Station Ambitions
There is a strong possibility that, after 2024, the Chinese station will be the only space station in orbit.
China’s Secret Weapon in Space
China's space program will have important global geopolitical and geo-strategic implications.
2016/10/11 | Philip Liu
Taiwan Primed for Smart Machinery Development
The Tsai Ing-wen government has included this sector among its five priority industries.
2016/09/26 | Morris Jones
China's Big Dish is a Big Deal for Planet Earth
'China now stands a good chance of making humanity's first contact with extraterrestrials.'
2016/08/31 | Morris Jones
China’s Quantum Satellite: Nothing is Totally Secure
Earlier this month, China launched Micius, the world’s first quantum communications satellite. While this technology will complicate efforts to bug or intercept China's communications, history shows that no system is ever completely secure.