睡眠,是自然恢復的心智和身體狀態,其特徵是意識改變,相對抑制的感覺活動,肌肉活動減少以及快速動眼期間幾乎所有自願性肌肉受到抑制,以及與周圍環境的互動減少。 --來自 維基百科


2017/07/06 | Yuan-Ming Chiao

Sleep Quality a Fleeting Chinese Dream

'Three new highs: high property prices, high living costs and high overwork.'

2015/09/10 | Kayue

Sleep Experts Say Later Starting Time Of School Benefits Students

All of the studies regarding starting school later show improvement on the sleeping conditions, health and academic performance of students. In contrast, so far no evidence suggests going to school earlier will do any good to the health of children or their grades.