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2017/04/11 | Kerry Brown
The Xi-Trump Summit: Rearranging the Furniture
After the Trump-Xi summit in Florida, there appears to be no fundamental change to the Sino-US relationship. 'All that continues as before. Chairs have just been rearranged – that’s all,' writes Kerry Brown.
2017/04/07 | Gregory J. Moore
Reining in Pyongyang’s Nuclear Ambitions: Washington and Beijing’s Common Interests
China and the United States agree that the North Korean regime cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. 'It’s time for them to put aside their fears and their differences and work together,' Gregory J. Moore writes.
2017/04/11 | Jan Ludvik
Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsular: What the U.S. Expects from China
Today, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is not a possibility but a reality - bringing back the possibility of a preventative strike by the U.S.