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2020/02/14 | Deutsche Welle
Bangladeshi Sex Worker's Honorable Funeral Hailed as a Landmark
Sex workers in Bangladesh often do not get a proper burial due to social stigma. This week's burial has been met with praise by human rights activists.
2019/12/17 | Zoe T
Live Streaming Platform SWAG Reshapes Taiwan’s Sex Industry
Live streamers on adult content platforms are becoming goddesses and idols that are worshipped and paid by fans.
2017/07/18 | Camely Arta
Indonesia's House of Grace Gives a New Lease on Life to Young Women
House of Grace cooperates with another non-profit Bandungwangi, which has been reaching out to vulnerable girls and traffic and sexual violence.
2016/09/09 | Yuan-ling Liang
INTERVIEW: Decriminalizing Hong Kong’s Sex Industry
Hong Kong is a place where the sex industry is very active, but it still lacks a friendly working environment for its workers.
2016/08/10 | Olivia Yang
New Film Project Sheds Light on Sexual Exploitation of Minors in Taiwan
'I think this subject, the sexual exploitation of minors, is a very difficult one. We wanted to do it in a way that I would want to watch it, even if I don’t understand that world.'
2016/05/04 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan Court: Sex Worker Discrimination Unacceptable
A local court in Yilan has handed down light sentences in a prostitution case and sparked discussion by bringing up Taiwan’s non-acceptance of the sex industry.
2015/09/18 | Kenzo
Why Is The Government Issuing Porn Star EasyCards but not Talking about Legalizing Sex Trade?
Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters (COSWAS) points out that the government and the EasyCard Corporation have been avoiding the fundamental problem of the sex industry. The association publicly calls on Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je to support the rights of prostitutes and requests the Taipei City government to state their stand regarding the sex industry and policies legalizing sex trade.