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2017/07/25 | Yuan-Ming Chiao
Bleak Outlook: Millions of Rural Chinese Children 'Left Behind'
Experts fear the psychological and developmental consequences on migrant children who are growing up without their parents.
2017/04/09 | Cai Yiwen
Why China’s Modern Barefoot Doctors Are Walking Away
Despite government moves to improve primary care in the countryside, village doctors are under increasing pressure.
2017/03/17 | Liu Chang
What China’s Migrant Numbers Say About Labor Discrimination
Two sets of data paint divergent pictures of China’s on-the-move workers.
2017/03/10 | Yu Xueyi
Why I Quit Alibaba’s Big Push Toward Countryside Commerce
Rural Taobao bills itself as good for business, but actually couldn’t care less about helping farmers make money.
2017/02/03 | Li Xueqing
Drones Lure Young Chinese Back to Farming
As agriculture grows more high-tech, an entrepreneurial spirit draws the children of Xinjiang’s farmers back to their childhood homes.