2017/08/07 | Tyler Prochazka

Curing the ‘Ghost Island’: Why Taiwan Needs Basic Income

Sun Yat-sen believed that the benefits from natural resources, monopolies and property should be shared amongst all citizens. This is precisely the philosophy behind UBI, argues Tyler Prochazka.

2017/06/02 | Central News Agency

Humans Need Not Apply: Taiwan Company at Forefront of Automation Age with 60,000 Robots Making iPhones

The world's largest contract electronics maker has five "lights-out" factories that are fully automated and require no onsite human presence.

2016/07/27 | Hsu Chia-yu

China’s Robotic Revolution: A Top Industrial Automation Country by 2020?

The Chinese government is working on adding more robots into China's manufacturing industry and boosting the number of domestically produced industrial robots by 2020.