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Zinc Fingers: Taiwanese Uncover Potential Alzheimer's Treatment
The team acknowledged that whether the discovery can actually lead to a breakthrough in battling Alzheimer's may still be quite a ways off.
2016/10/07 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Japan's Nobel Prize a Warning for Government
Japan is putting too much emphasis on short-term scientific research that is expected to produce quick results and commercial benefits.
2016/09/29 | Mo Tz-pin
Apple Locks In Beijing R&D Center: Reports
Despite a ban on some of its products, Apple continues to build its presence in China.
2016/08/24 | Hsu Chia-yu
Taiwan-Designed Wearable Medical Device Poised to Help Diabetics Worldwide
An innovative wearable medical device designed by two Taiwanese students has the potential to help millions of diabetics around the world.
2015/09/10 | Kayue
Sleep Experts Say Later Starting Time Of School Benefits Students
All of the studies regarding starting school later show improvement on the sleeping conditions, health and academic performance of students. In contrast, so far no evidence suggests going to school earlier will do any good to the health of children or their grades.