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2020/04/20 | Voice of America
Could Virus See Rohingya 'Floating Coffins' Crisis Return to ASEAN?
Human rights groups are urging Malaysia and Thailand to accept the Rohingya refugees who are floating between the shores.
2018/08/17 | The Conversation
OPINION: Rohingya Refugees Remain Trapped in Catastrophe
One year after the outbreak of the crisis the Rohingya are no closer to a resolution.
2016/12/31 | The Japan Times
The Year the Establishment Failed
Key events in 2016 were moments of disintegration that exposed a frail and fragile political order.
2016/12/09 | Malaysiakini
Suu Kyi Attacks Global Media For 'False News' On Conflict
The Nobel Peace Prize laureate calls out CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Singaporean broadcaster Channel News Asia.
2016/10/27 | Olivia Yang
'It Could Be You Or Me': Interview With UNHCR Communications Officer Caroline Gluck
'These are people like you and me, who had homes, jobs and pride. Their kids went to school. They were proud of their country.'