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2017/08/19 | Eva Pils
China's New Torture Methods
China's 709 crackdown featured several new, troubling measures when it comes to treatment of prisoners.
2017/08/17 | Andreas Harsono
Jokowi Has a Political Prisoner Problem
Indonesia can’t claim to be a democratic, progressive state while still locking up citizens for merely expressing their rights of freedom of expression and association.
2017/05/17 | ZiQing Low
Remembering Green Island’s First Political Prisoners
Today marks 66 years since the first group of political prisoners were taken to Taiwan’s Green Island.
2017/05/01 | Dylan Levi King
Black Cell: Life in a Chinese Detention Center
[Nonfiction] 'He said he’d go back to Kenya, where his cousin ran a school, work with him there. Sometimes he didn’t talk all day. Sometimes he talked all day. We dug deep to find stories we hadn’t yet told each other.'