2016/09/07 | Jessie Yang

Under the Dome: Why Was It First Praised but Later Censored by Beijing?

The ultimate fate of a hugely popular documentary in China shows the limits of press freedom amid the marketization of the media.

2016/08/30 | Hsu Chia-yu

China Clears Hangzhou Skies, Silences Critic Ahead of G20 Summit

China’s preparations for next week's G20 summit have involved hundreds of factories being shut down and the detention of at least one civil servant.

2016/08/03 | Austin Chad Willhoft

‘Don’t Blame China’ — Education Needed on Air Pollution in Taiwan

The Taiwan Electric Vehicles Association is leading the charge in educating Taiwanese about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, and the harsh reality of air pollution.

2016/07/06 | Bing-sheng Lee

China Faces Large Protests Over Waste Incinerators

China’s commitment to building garbage incinerators is facing strong and constant opposition from residents. In Zhaoqing, the government used violence and a media blackout to suppress its opponents.

2016/07/01 | Chang Shin-wei

Formosa Plastics Admits Guilt for Mass Killing of Fish in Vietnam

Despite paying US$500m in damages and admitting it dumped toxic substance in rivers, there may be longer-term implications from the Formosa Plastics fish scandal.

2016/06/22 | Olivia Yang

Foreign Student Launches No More Free Plastic Bags Campaign in Taiwan

Every year, Taiwanese use a total of more that 20 billion plastic bags, nearly four times the quantity in the entire European Union.