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2016/10/08 | Ban Wang
Tianxia: Imperial Ambition or Cosmopolitanism?
'Tianxia' has wavered between the normative claim to values and culture, and coercive mechanisms of domination.
2016/10/03 | Mo Tz-pin
Taiwan Talk Shows Blamed for Dearth of Political Talent
Are mainstream political television chat shows deterring talented Taiwanese from getting involved with politics? UDN believes that is the case.
2016/09/27 | J. Michael Cole
[BOOKS] Convergence or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait: A Journey
Published by Routledge today, ‘Convergence or Conflict’ shows why Taiwan matters, where it is headed, and why ‘peaceful unification’ is illusory.
2016/09/21 | Suzanne Pepper
Hong Kong Voters Have Spoken, but Is Anyone Listening?
Will Beijing modify its head-in-the-sand approach to the challenges it now faces in Hong Kong?
2016/09/20 | Edward White
Hong Kong’s Pro-Independence Party Turns Focus to School Students
Despite being barred from standing in the Hong Kong’s elections, one political party is hard at work building support for independence from China among high school students.
2016/08/29 | Edward White
Repression in Laos Goes Under the Spotlight
A senior human rights advocate has slammed Laos’ communist government for being a 'regional leader' in repression.
2016/08/23 | Edward White
Does Bernie’s Fate Await the Hong Kong Independence Movement?
The sudden rise of Hong Kong’s independence movement appears to have surprised many in the political establishment. One academic suggests that while Hong Kong will never be independent, the popular movement could push Beijing to loosen its grip on power.
2016/08/18 | Edward White
FEATURE: The KMT’s Long, Slow Road to Reform
Can a more than 100-year-old dog learn new tricks? A young party official’s take on the future of Taiwan’s Kuomintang.
2016/08/15 | The Japan Times
OPINION: A New Era for South Africa?
The African National Congress can no longer claim without challenge the allegiance of South Africa's black voters.
2016/08/12 | James Laurenceson
ANALYSIS: Australia Blocks Chinese Investment on 'National Security'
An Australian expert says the Ausgrid decision will hurt Australia-China relations.
2016/08/10 | Edward White
INTERVIEW: Behind the Scenes with Taiwan’s New Power Party
The New Power Party's leaders are well-known, but behind the scenes there are people who are equally as committed and devoted to changing Taiwan.
2016/08/09 | Edward White
Lessons from Chen Shui-bian for KMT Assets Investigators
Will the KMT assets investigations descend into a fresh round of political persecution?
2016/08/08 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Abe’s Unrivaled Position of Power
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's political power is unrivaled — does he have what it takes to make the most of it?
2016/08/05 | Malaysiakini
New Malaysian Political Party Promises to Reform System
A new party is being established to take on Malaysia's scandal-ridden political establishment.
2016/08/04 | Suzanne Pepper
ANALYSIS: Political Vetting in the Hong Kong Election
The principle of official political vetting has now been applied in Hong Kong over the issue of independence.
2016/08/03 | Edward White
Is Taiwan Heading into a Legal Nightmare Over the KMT’s Assets?
The KMT’s ill-gotten assets may be difficult to reclaim if they have changed hands over the years, a London-based lawyer says.
2016/08/03 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Tough Road Ahead for Tokyo's First Female Governor
The first woman elected to serve as governor of Tokyo now faces her toughest task — putting her words into action.
2016/08/01 | Edward White
OPINION: Is Hong Kong Heading Toward Umbrella 2.0?
Will the barring of candidates from Hong Kong’s upcoming elections or the sentencing of Umbrella Movement leaders spark a fresh round of major protests?