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2018/06/01 | TNL Staff
Taiwan's Latest Emergency Services Salary Switcharoo
Junior cops are getting promised a raise of a whopping NT$1,370 per month, but two-thirds won't see it. Firefighters are also getting hosed.
2017/08/30 | Phelim Kine
Is Duterte's War on Drugs Migrating to Indonesia?
Indonesia is already wrestling with the toxic legacy of impunity for the mass killings of least 500,000 people in 1965–66, when the government gave free rein to soldiers and local militias to kill anyone they considered a “communist.” Unless Jokowi speaks out forcefully against a Duterte drug war model of crime control, he risks being responsible for a mass killing campaign that could demolish Indonesia’s fragile and hard fought-for rights and freedoms.
2017/07/31 | ZiQing Low
An Almighty Con? Taiwan’s ‘Purple Shirts’ and their Master
Former members of the massive religious group are speaking out about high fees, harassment, and the leader's spurious claims.
UPDATE: Shooting Near Taipei - 4 Dead
The suspect attempted suicide and was pronounced dead at 11:38 this morning.
Getting Organized on Asia's Rising Drug Trade
Cross-border movement of illicit products into and out of Southeast Asia, often via India and China, has intensified in recent years.
2016/10/09 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Japan Expanding Scope of Wiretapping
The police are being handed expanded wiretapping powers. Where should the line be drawn to prevent such measures from going too far?
2016/08/24 | Olivia Yang
Taiwanese Police Struggle to Control Pokémon Go Fever
A stampede of Pokémon Go players hit Taipei over the weekend and police are having difficulty controlling the crowd. But Taiwan isn't the only Asian country trying to deal with swarms of gamers.
2016/08/02 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Police Use of GPS to Track Suspects in Japan: Is It Legal?
Does the warrantless use of GPS devices violate a suspect’s privacy?
2016/07/18 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan ATM Fraud Case Suspects Arrested
The biggest ATM fraud case in Taiwan history was solved within seven days, leading to three arrests. According to some, police working overtime explains the quick results.
2016/07/07 | Chublic Opinion
Canaries in the Coal Mine
China has been in a police state of mind lately.
2015/12/29 | Zou Chi
Morale Said to be Lowered among Taiwan Police after Policeman Ruled Guilty for Negligent Homocide
Ye Yu-lan, former professor at the Central Police University criticized that the unfair judges and prosecutors have forced the police to not take action. She wonders who else would be willing to protect the civilians in the future.
2015/12/23 | Kenzo
Male Police Officer Dismissed For Wearing Long Hair Draws Criticism in Taiwan
Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) Shi Yi-xiang points out that the National Police Agency (NPA) does not care about wearing long hair or not. The NPA is worried that once they give in and set a precedent, the police will start questioning the value of their superiors' commands.