2017/12/15 | J. Michael Cole

US Navy Calls to Taiwan Must Weigh China Costs

Taiwan must ensure it avoids being a pawn in US push to resume port calls.

2017/06/20 | Nan Li

China's Southern Theater Command: The PLA's Evolving Maritime Strategy

Appointing a naval officer to command a theater in unprecedented in PLA history, further confirming the shift of China’s military posture from continental defense to maritime security

2016/06/17 | Andrea Ghiselli

The Chinese Navy: Steaming in Modern Asia, Exploring a Post-Modern World

China is likely to become powerful enough to compete for regional hegemony in Asia like a 'modern' state, and 'global' enough so that its interests are indissolubly connected to world peace and stability as it is pushed to become more active to protect them.