Piece(日語:ピース)是日本的搞笑藝人二人組,成員有綾部祐二(擔任吐槽角色)和又吉直樹(擔任裝傻角色)。 --來自 維基百科


2017/08/15 | Sorpong Peou

Cambodian Strongman is Going Nowhere

What Hun Sen fears most is the ultimate power of political democracy.

2017/08/14 | Saigoneer

Hanoi Tributes to the Voice of a Generation, Trinh Cong Son

The street named after Trinh Cong Son, 'Bob Dylan of Vietnam,' will be turned into urban space featuring performances in Hanoi.

2017/04/27 | Toshiya Takahashi

Japan's Slow March Back to State Control

Japan’s constitutional revision debate masks silent state control, writes Toshiya Takahashi.