2017/10/06 | Suzanne Pepper

What US and China's Leaders Have in Common

Donald Trump and Xi Jiping appear to share similar difficulties reconciling their aspirations for national glory with the civil rights and freedoms written into their respective constitutions.

2017/08/20 | Jack Hu

The New Action Flick Taking Chinese Nationalism to a New Level

The record-breaking action movie ‘Wolf Warriors 2′ takes Chinese nationalism to a new Level, writes Jack Hu.

2017/08/15 | Wu Haiyun

How Blockbuster Movies Capture China’s Changing Nationalism

Now the country’s highest-grossing film ever, ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ merges Hollywood-style thrills with state-sanctioned patriotism.

2016/09/21 | Zheng Jiawen

‘Little Pinkos’ and the Problem of Patriotism in China

The growth of social media is helping China’s passionate young patriots defend their beliefs.

2016/09/07 | Chublic Opinion

A Patriotic July in China

'The ideological volcano of China awaits its next eruption.'

2016/07/21 | Chang Shin-wei

China's 'Little Pinks' Driving Taiwan and Hong Kong Away: Chang Tieh-chih

China’s rising patriotic youth movement threatens to further sour its relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong.