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2017/09/04 | Zhang Ming
Parenting China’s Adult Children
Urbanization and the one-child policy has birthed a generation of freeloaders who feel entitled to leech off their own parents.
2017/04/13 | Jay Lin
Infant Daycare, Here We Come!
After nine months of 'hanging out' with adults and only each other, the twins now have an opportunity to 'socialize' with other infants their age. We now also have a chance to bond with more parents.
2017/03/08 | Guo Yu
Chinese Dads, It’s Time For You to Start Acting Like Parents
Policy change aimed at relieving the pressures of raising kids will only work if fathers involve themselves more in child care.
2016/08/03 | Kathy Cheng
First 'Parenting Cafe' in Taipei Aims to be Different and Disruptive
The parenting industry in Taiwan has been slowly evolving in the past few years and this cafe wants to make a positive impact on the industry and society.