2021/06/01 | Deutsche Welle

Opinion: China Needs a More Modern Family Policy

China wants more children: After decades of strict birth control, each Chinese family is now allowed to have three children. But an imminent baby boom remains wishful thinking.

2017/09/27 | Wang Xin

China’s Modern Families: Double Income and Invisible Kid

Child-averse young couples are increasingly succumbing to the social pressure to start families, only to foist the kids onto older relatives.

2017/04/08 | Chublic Opinion

Your Womb, My History: Surrogacy in China

A recent debate about legalizing surrogacy suddenly swerved and crashed into the carefully guarded space of post-1949 Chinese history, creating an opening that competing camps of online commentary vied to control.

2016/12/20 | Sanjukta Nair

In India, as Income Rises, Fewer Girls are Born

India’s child sex ratio, or the number of girls below six per 1,000 boys, too has declined over the years.

2016/09/22 | Olivia Yang

China Amending 'Social Maintenance Fee' Regulations for Third Child

It has been less than a year since China's two-child policy came into effect, but the country is already seeing problems with families exceeding the stipulated limit and provinces are looking to amend 'social maintenance fee' regulations to tackle the problem.

2016/08/16 | Atlas Obscura

Welcome to Shanghai's Marriage Market

Shanghai's so-called Marriage Market allows parents to advertise their lovelorn children in low-tech, ink-and-paper dating profiles.

2015/10/30 | Anita Chow

Is China's Two-Children Policy Too Late?

The two-child policy seems too late for the older generation. It is estimated that young people born after 1980 are the ones that can benefit from the new policy. mentions that the government should provide relevant support for education, childcare and medical equipment to improve the environment for raising children. They also have to make sure the milk powder is safe.