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2018/07/23 | The Interpreter
Why China Sees Senegal as a Belt and Road Springboard
Xi Jinping made Senegal his first stop on his tour of Africa, meeting President Macky Sall for the third time since 2012. What is it that makes the relationship between China and Senegal, according to Sall, so "special"?
2018/01/19 | Laure Deron
Macron Returns from China Hoping for More Equal Trade
France runs a deep trade deficit with China, but Macron has signaled his intent to shift the approach to trade in general.
2018/07/14 | Diálogo Chino
ANALYSIS: China's Latin American Belt and Road Chimera
Is China simply rebranding existing Latin American infrastructure projects as sparkling Belt and Road successes?
China Deserts Pakistan over Militancy Dilemma
Pakistan was put on a financial watch list over alleged funding of anti-Indian militants, a move that China could have blocked.
2018/04/12 | The Interpreter
Europe Frets over Impact of Chinese Money
One Belt One Road is coming to Europe, but reactions to the infrastructure spending are mixed across the continent.