2018/07/23 | The Interpreter

Why China Sees Senegal as a Belt and Road Springboard

Xi Jinping made Senegal his first stop on his tour of Africa, meeting President Macky Sall for the third time since 2012. What is it that makes the relationship between China and Senegal, according to Sall, so "special"?

2018/07/14 | Diálogo Chino

ANALYSIS: China's Latin American Belt and Road Chimera

Is China simply rebranding existing Latin American infrastructure projects as sparkling Belt and Road successes?

2018/04/12 | The Interpreter

Europe Frets over Impact of Chinese Money

One Belt One Road is coming to Europe, but reactions to the infrastructure spending are mixed across the continent.

2018/03/01 | Dr. James M. Dorsey

China Deserts Pakistan over Militancy Dilemma

Pakistan was put on a financial watch list over alleged funding of anti-Indian militants, a move that China could have blocked.

2018/01/19 | Laure Deron

Macron Returns from China Hoping for More Equal Trade

France runs a deep trade deficit with China, but Macron has signaled his intent to shift the approach to trade in general.

2017/12/21 | Martin Thorley

OPINION: David Cameron's New Belt and Road Job Is a Sign of a Merging Elite Class

As Taiwan and Hong Kong have found, elite links hold serious ramifications for security, sovereignty and autonomy.

2017/12/18 | Bill Laurance

Can Xi Control China's Overseas Resource Exploitation?

China’s ambitions will have some positive effects, and could even be economically transformative for certain nations, but other elements will benefit China while profoundly damaging our planet.

2017/11/14 | Sam Lee

Hong Kong's Government Has a Strange Problem — Too Much Money

Hong Kong brought in a lot of money this year, but will they spend it wisely?

2017/11/02 | Gerald Chan

Can Taiwan Share in China's One Belt, One Road?

Hong Kong and China are teaming up to partner on the One Belt, One Road initiative and its promise of opening access to lucrative new Central Asian markets, so why not Taiwan?

2017/06/29 | Bishal Chalise

Concern as China's OBOR Hits the Himalayas

There are environmental and ecological concerns regarding the infrastructural projects linking China and Nepal.

2017/06/21 | Soyen Park & Ramandeep Singh

India's Calculated Boycott of China's Belt and Road Forum

India is uneasy about Chinese designs for the region and how this challenges India’s own ‘neighborhood first’ approach.

2017/03/23 | Micha’el Tanchum

Saudi Arabia the Next Stop on China’s Maritime Silk Road

China and Saudi Arabia's increasingly close relations signals a consequential shift in the Middle East - Asia security architecture.