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2017/04/25 | Euan Graham
Three Questions About North Korea's Nuclear Weapons
A brief analysis of U.S.-North Korea relations and recent events on nuclear weapon threats.
2017/04/11 | Jan Ludvik
Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsular: What the U.S. Expects from China
Today, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is not a possibility but a reality - bringing back the possibility of a preventative strike by the U.S.
Should China Turn Its Back on North Korea?
Recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear missile capabilities suggest that it will soon join the ranks of nuclear-armed states outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, along with Israel, India, and Pakistan. These countries present a nuclear reality that the United States thus far has been prepared to live with rather than try to reverse.
2017/01/07 | Olivia Yang
Birthday Celebrations for North Korean Leader Hide Human Rights Violations: HRW
The dictator last year celebrated his birthday by testing what he called 'a devastating hydrogen bomb.' What will happen this year?
2016/11/04 | The Japan Times
Japan’s Hypocritical Nuclear Stance
Japan’s vote at the United Nations last week contradicts the nation’s long-standing call for the elimination of such weapons.