2017/04/25 | Euan Graham

Three Questions About North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

A brief analysis of U.S.-North Korea relations and recent events on nuclear weapon threats.

2017/04/11 | Jan Ludvik

Nuclear War on the Korean Peninsular: What the U.S. Expects from China

Today, North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is not a possibility but a reality - bringing back the possibility of a preventative strike by the U.S.

2017/03/31 | Aurelia George Mulgan

Should China Turn Its Back on North Korea?

Recent developments in North Korea’s nuclear missile capabilities suggest that it will soon join the ranks of nuclear-armed states outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, along with Israel, India, and Pakistan. These countries present a nuclear reality that the United States thus far has been prepared to live with rather than try to reverse.

2017/01/07 | Olivia Yang

Birthday Celebrations for North Korean Leader Hide Human Rights Violations: HRW

The dictator last year celebrated his birthday by testing what he called 'a devastating hydrogen bomb.' What will happen this year?

2016/11/04 | The Japan Times

Japan’s Hypocritical Nuclear Stance

Japan’s vote at the United Nations last week contradicts the nation’s long-standing call for the elimination of such weapons.