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2017/10/06 | Suzanne Pepper
What US and China's Leaders Have in Common
Donald Trump and Xi Jiping appear to share similar difficulties reconciling their aspirations for national glory with the civil rights and freedoms written into their respective constitutions.
2017/09/22 | Chublic Opinion
Why 'Wolf Warrior II' Beat Up 'Founding of an Army' at the Box Office
'Wolf Warrior II' smashed Communist Party propaganda fest 'Founding of an Army' at China's box office this summer, but while showing how far Chinese cinema has come in terms of production values, its overt and ugly patriotism left some with a bitter taste in the mouth.
2017/08/15 | Wu Haiyun
How Blockbuster Movies Capture China’s Changing Nationalism
Now the country’s highest-grossing film ever, ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ merges Hollywood-style thrills with state-sanctioned patriotism.
2017/05/22 | Oiwan Lam
Viral Video Triggers Debate Over Patriotic Education in China, Again
A vivid debate on whether school children in modern China should be taught to recite Chinese "hero" Lui Hulan's story of sacrifice from the Chinese Communist revolution era.
2017/04/30 | Matthew Walsh
Why Chinese Nationalists Have a Homophobia Problem
Prejudiced patriots are using supposedly traditional values to ostracize the LGBT community.
2017/03/18 | Alex Sager
BOOK REVIEW: 'Theory of the Border'
In 'Theory of the Border,' Thomas Nail looks at the constitutive role played by different types of border regimes – fences, walls, cells and checkpoints – in constructing societies across history as part of his broader ‘kinopolitics’ centred on movement, with focus on the Mexico-US border.
2017/03/12 | Zha Wen
The Coming Clash of Chinese and Western Nationalism
Efforts to thwart the spread of globalization will only make Chinese patriots more aggressive.
2017/03/10 | Ernils Larsson
Is Japan's Far Right Losing Touch?
The kindergarten scandal shows Japan’s nationalist far-right is out of touch.
2017/03/06 | Zha Wen
Why Globalization Is No Enemy for Chinese Nationalists
Right-wing movements in the US and Europe are fed by discontent with a globalized economy — something China depends on more than ever.
2017/02/28 | James Baron
Ghosts of the Stronato: Asunción's Taiwanese Expats a Dying Breed
In 1986 the Taiwan leader was granted his own effigy in Paraguay's capital. But what of Taiwan's expats in Paraguay today?
2017/01/13 | Dinith Adikari
Is Ma Ba Tha Really in Decline?
Despite suffering a series of grave blows, an ’emotional story’ keeps the controversial Buddhist group active and influential in Myanmar, Dinith Adikari writes.
2016/09/07 | Chublic Opinion
A Patriotic July in China
'The ideological volcano of China awaits its next eruption.'
2016/08/20 | Malaysiakini
Under Pressure, Malaysian PM Beats Patriotic Drum
Under pressure over an international corruption scandal, Malaysia's PM looks for a patriotism drive at home.
2016/08/03 | J. Michael Cole
After Taiwanese Artists, South Koreans Are Now the Targets of China’s Wrath
Little by little, Beijing is creating a Reich Culture Chamber with Chinese characteristics.
2016/07/28 | J. Michael Cole
A Bear and a Complex Character: New Symbols of Taiwanese Patriotism?
Symbols are essential to nationalism, and Taiwan will need more of those if it is to succeed in making the case for its continued existence as a distinct political entity on the international stage.
2016/07/21 | Chang Shin-wei
China's 'Little Pinks' Driving Taiwan and Hong Kong Away: Chang Tieh-chih
China’s rising patriotic youth movement threatens to further sour its relations with Taiwan and Hong Kong.