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2017/09/05 | Dr Anthony Bergin
Why Academic Researchers are Struggling to Influence National Security
National security policymakers in Australia need the advice and expertise of academics, and academics need to do more to engage with those in a position to put their ideas into practice, Anthony Bergin writes.
2017/03/07 | Peter Wood
Food Security and Chinese 'Comprehensive National Security'
The role of Chinese food security policy in its broader national security concept deserves greater attention.
2017/03/01 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Deports Indonesian Worker for Possible ISIS Ties
The migrant worker was reportedly radicalized after she began using Facebook in Taiwan.
2016/07/29 | ZiQing Low
Governments Worry Pokémon Go Could Threaten National Security
Indonesia has already started banning the game, even though it is not available yet in the country.