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2019/04/24 | Xiaochen Su
OPINION: A Lack of Language Fluency Cannot Become a Basis of Identity
The controversy surrounding Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has parallels to opposition to Taiwan's plans to become a bilingual nation by 2030.
2018/04/25 | Morley J Weston
Designing Taiwan's New Identity Card
Voting is already underway in the Identity Redesign contest, and many entries have proven controversial.
2017/09/05 | Marcella Ho
If South Korea's Pop Culture Can Make It, What About Hong Kong?
If Hong Kong’s popular culture was once a sharp sword, does its society have any interest in sharpening the rusty weapon?
2017/04/12 | Alan Bairner
Xi Jinping’s Football Dream and the Nightmare Scenario
Given the power of football to help consolidate national unity but equally to provide outlets for political opposition, the realization of Xi’s dreams for Chinese football could be even more important than one might, at first glance, think.
2017/03/21 | Mark Stocker
OPINION: Could Professional Cycling Help Taiwan Build A Globally Recognizable National Identity?
Taiwan’s national identity would receive a big boost from association with professional cycling, but China looks increasingly likely to be the first-mover.
2016/08/23 | Hsu Chia-yu
Netizens Slam ROC Flag on 'Not Chinese Taipei' Football Shirt
Some Netizens are accusing fashion brand S.H In Taiwan of ignorance over a 'sensitive' political issue.