2018/10/31 | China Labour Bulletin

Death Toll Rises to 21 in China's Worst Mining Accident of 2018

22 miners were building a drainage when a rock burst blocked both its ends. Only one miner survived.

2018/08/21 | The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

Choked by Waste and Overfishing, Asia's Marine Habitats Are Dying

Only 13 percent of the planet’s oceans are untouched by human activity, according to a recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

2018/02/14 | Jeffrey Hutton

Corruption 101: An Insider's Guide to Graft in Indonesia

Jeffery Hutton offers a rare peek inside the sooty world of coal mining and the greased palms that make it happen.

2017/07/26 | Shreya Dasgupta

Endangered Green Peafowl on Last Legs in China amid Illegal Mining

Greenpeace East Asia says its has found evidence of illegal mining within the core zone of the Konglong River Nature Reserve in Shuangbai County of Yunnan Province, a key habitat of the endangered green peafowl.

2016/05/27 | TNL 編輯

Mining the Art of Taiwan: Calls for Taroko Gorge Protection

Taroko Gorge is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Taiwan, but Asia Cement’s mining in the region has sparked controversies for years. As the new director of EPA recently announced that the mines should be banned by 2017, whether Asia Cement will leave Taroko Gorge or not remains a question.