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2017/07/24 | Chika Noya
Mental Health Issue also a Feminist Issue in Indonesia
'We must educate families to remove stigmas and taboos attached to mental illness and push for better care for the condition.'
Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders - Study
Among 100,000 children in Taiwan, 3,100 have thought of taking their own lives, according to the findings of the three-year study.
2017/07/06 | Yuan-Ming Chiao
Sleep Quality a Fleeting Chinese Dream
'Three new highs: high property prices, high living costs and high overwork.'
2017/05/22 | James Baron
Hidden in Plain Sight: Taipei has a Glue Sniffing Problem
'Most people are completely unaware that this is even an issue. I know this because I have seen flagrant sniffers in the middle of busy thoroughfares, their heads buried in larger carrier bags as oblivious hordes jostled around them.'
2017/05/12 | TNL Staff
Life Sentence, Not Death Penalty, for ‘Random Killing’ in Taiwan
Today's decision is significant for Taiwan where human rights groups believe defendants with mental health issues have been executed because of serious flaws in the court system.
2017/02/07 | Rosemary Chen
HK Youth Suicides Spark Calls for Fresh Look at Academic Pressure
Two secondary school students in Hong Kong committed suicide within a 24-hour time span this week.
2017/01/19 | Edward White
The Legacy of Taiwan's 'Little Light Bulb'
What has Taiwan learned about its mental health system after the murder of a four-year-old last year?
2016/11/30 | ZiQing Low
App to Detect Dementia Developed in Taiwan
Someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia every three seconds.
2016/10/20 | Edward White
Flying Blind: Mental Health Testing in Taiwan’s Courts
With no guidelines, few rules and little experience, medical experts, academics, lawyers and judges in Taiwan are flying blind when it comes to testing criminal suspects for psychological and psychiatric issues.
2016/09/20 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Preventing Youth Suicides in Japan
Why do more than 300 Japanese schoolchildren take their own lives every year?
2016/09/07 | Prachi Salve
Nearly 60 Million Indians Suffer From Mental Disorders
India is short of health professionals to address mental issues, particularly at the district and sub-district level.
2016/07/28 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: Senseless Carnage at a Japanese Care Home
Investigators should try to determine why Satoshi Uematsu came to think in such a twisted manner.
2016/07/26 | Shuhei Omi
Japan Killing Spree: Politician Warned, Lack of Security Questioned
Warning signs? Five months ago, the man who killed 19 and injured dozens more in a stabbing spree at a care center in Japan today told a politician he would attack the disabled.
2016/07/26 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taipei Boosts Mental Health Services for Men
Amid rising concerns over the rate of male suicide in Taiwan and years of neglect, a service center for men’s mental health has been established in Taipei.
2016/06/20 | Shuhei Omi
Suicide Forces Taiwan's Military to Confront Mental Health Issues
Five members of the armed forces have committed suicide in the past two months, prompting calls for a thorough review of assistance programs in the military.