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2016/11/18 | Oommen C Kurian
India's Disappearing Dead: The Story Of Dengue in Delhi
Data shows that officials have been massively underreporting the number of deaths caused by dengue fever in Delhi.
2016/06/27 | Matthew Fulco
Taiwan’s Cancer Incidence Steadily Rises
The incidence of cancer is rising in Taiwan as the population rapidly ages.
2016/04/20 | TNL 編輯
[UPDATE] Breastfeeding At The Office? Workplace Nursing Rights Set to Improve in Taiwan
Nursing mothers in Taiwan have suffered from unfriendly environments at work for decades. Unable to breastfeed their children makes 30% give up breastfeeding. However, the Legislative Yuan looks set to improve women's rights at work.
2015/07/14 | Kenzo
Chinese Tourists Medical Debt Adds up to One Billion NT Dollars
Starting from October 1, Chinese visitors to Taiwan must possess certificate for both travel and health insurance that cover sudden illnesses, or else they will not be issued a Taiwan entry permit.