2017/08/14 | Jules Quartly

(Re)Naming Yourself in Asia and Beyond

The millennial obsession with multiple online identities is balanced by the fact that 'real' names still mean something.

2017/07/26 | Marta Colombo

From Hong Kong to Italy and Back: Heidi Li Sings Her Multicultural Journey

'Jazz is similar to Cantonese opera […] the singer takes over the pace, creating an amazing atmosphere that is almost spiritual.'

2017/06/23 | Bibek Bhandari

New ‘Chinglish’ Guide to Standardize Translation in China

The Chinese government introduces an authoritative language resource for tourism and public service sectors.

2017/06/03 | Fan Yiying

Manchu, Once China’s Official Language, Could Lose Its Voice

With few practical incentives to preserve their language, 10 million Manchus have found their mother tongue in a critical state.

2017/05/19 | Shannon Lin

Blending In or Standing Out: Immigration and the ‘Cultural Quality’ Problem in Taiwan

Are the dazzling traditional gowns and tours in native languages just a weak attempt to distract Taiwan’s newest arrivals from institutionalized discrimination?

2017/03/13 | Keith Menconi

Brothers Paid to Translate YouTube Silliness for Chinese Speakers

BC and Lowy on bringing English language YouTube silliness to a Chinese speaking audience.

2017/01/03 | Matt DeButts

North or South? What’s Behind China’s Linguistic Rivalry

The standardization of Mandarin allows Chinese speakers to move among regional identities — but the feud over pronunciation rages on.

2016/12/01 | Yang Ling

Conquer English Now; The Roots of China’s Study Craze

The twin forces of neoliberalism and nationalism are fueling a countrywide ‘mania’ for language skills.

2016/01/05 | Shih Yuan

Recent Language Learning Study Overthrows Right-Brain Dominant Myth

People used to think the right brain operates learning Chinese exclusively. However, a recent research points out that it may be a myth.