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2017/10/11 | Rosemary Chen
ISSUE: New Southbound Policy Misses Migrant Worker Protections
President Tsai's recent speeches on the New Southbound Policy overlooked systematic discrimination problems faced by migrant workers in Taiwan.
To the End of Overtime: Is 'Dispatch' the Future of Work in Taiwan?
As part-time or short-term jobs become more common, Taiwan is considering legislation to regulate non-conventional employment.
2017/08/23 | Justin Hugo
Tsai’s Government Failing Taiwan’s Workers with Cruel Minimum Wage Increase
Taiwan has been sinking into a state of stagnation for more than a decade, the Tsai government continues to give businesses too much latitude.
2017/05/10 | Phil Robertson
OPINION: New President Must Tackle Rights Across Korean Peninsula and the Region
The new South Korean government should tell Beijing that returning North Koreans back into the clutches of Pyongyang is unacceptable because it condemns those refugees to certain torture, imprisonment and in some cases, death, argues Phil Robertson.
2016/10/07 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Factory Protest Turns Violent, 60 Injured
Thousands of employees at Formosa Chemicals and Fiber Corp and their families gathered outside the Changhua County Government offices requesting it reissue operating permits for the Formosa Chemicals factory.
2016/08/05 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Unpacking Attacks on Chinese Workers in Africa
Does an attack on Chinese workers in Kenya reflect continent-wide contempt of China’s expanding presence in Africa?
2016/07/21 | Edward White
Zara, H&M, Gap Suppliers Abuse Chinese Workers: Report
An undercover investigation shows that workers at Chinese factories supplying major fast-fashion labels face low wages, excessive overtime, and unsafe working conditions despite the labels’ claims to having ethical supply chains.
2016/07/04 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan Unions Buoyed by China Airlines Success
While some unions have leveraged the success of the flight attendants' strike, other industries face challenges in worker organization and collective bargaining.
2016/06/29 | Chang Shin-wei
Working Sunday? Employers Threaten to Walk from Labor Negotiations
As employers threaten to walk from negotiations over worker rights in Taiwan, some politicians say the high expectations of the DPP-led government are not being met.
2016/06/27 | Bing-sheng Lee
Unions Threaten to Strike after Flight Attendants’ Success
The strike by China Airline flight attendants ended after management agreed to employee demands. Now more unions are threatening to strike.
2016/06/24 | Edward White
[PHOTO STORY] Airline Strike Follows Years of Deteriorating Conditions
“They don’t treat us as human beings.” China Airlines staff say their health has been suffering as work conditions have steadily worsened in recent years.
2016/04/26 | TNL 編輯
Hundreds of Taiwanese Companies Fined for Exploiting Workers
A survey shows that hundreds of companies in Taiwan violated the Labor Standards Act last year. Media and finance companies and hospitals are all on the list.
2015/11/06 | Kenzo
Over 70 Percent of Taiwan Employees Worry About Unpaid Leave
Spokesman of Yes123, Yang Zong-bin, says that the situation of unpaid leave should be observed until the first half of next year and the situation of the export-oriented high-tech industry and traditional manufacturing should be the main focus. Yang points out, if the workers really have to take unpaid leaves, they should start to observe if the industry has a long-term crisis and think about their next step.
2015/10/19 | Yuan
Thousands of Vietnamese Workers On Strike Against Abuse in Taiwan-Funded Enterprises
The conflict between Taiwanese and Chinese managers and local Vietnamese workers has remained unresolved. Last May, the South China Sea sovereignty dispute raised conflict between China and Vietnam, the following anti-Chinese riot in Vietnam then spread to Taiwan-funded enterprises.