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2018/10/24 | Mongabay
China's Ivory Ban Pushes Illegal Trade to Neighboring Countries, Study Shows
New research shows the ban has shut down the formerly legal ivory market. But the illegal ivory trade is still alive and kicking.
2017/05/14 | Shreya Dasgupta
Smuggled Ivory is Still Getting into Hong Kong
Several licensed ivory dealers in Hong Kong are offering strategies for buyers to take ivory out of the city illegally, according to a new report by wildlife trade and monitoring group TRAFFIC.
2017/04/02 | Shi Yi
What Should China Do with Its Stockpile of Soon-to-be-banned Ivory?
Experts argue that a government buyback is the most cost-effective solution.
2016/06/28 | Shuhei Omi
Hong Kong Proposes Ban on Ivory Trade by 2021
A new bad in Hong Kong on the ivory trade could be implemented within five years, but many are asking why that could not come sooner.