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2019/12/02 | Li Kua-teng
What Is Taiwan’s Legal Status According to International Law, Japan, and the US?
Legally, Taiwan is a piece of territory that was "never returned" properly. What roles have Japan and the United States played historically?
2016/08/30 | Edward White
Did the UN Redefine 'Hate Speech' over a Singaporean Blogger?
Singapore’s trial of a controversial blogger has led to a new standard for ‘hate speech,' an organization says.
2016/08/25 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan and China Fisheries vs. International Law
With China appearing to turn a blind eye to international fishing regulations, how can Taiwan, which is under constant EU scrutiny, improve its fishing industry?
2016/07/22 | Olivia Yang
Torture of Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience Exposed
'They told me that I would die in prison, that I would die in that cell and my family would never know.'