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2018/12/07 | Saigoneer
Taiwan's Foxconn Is Considering Opening an iPhone Factory in Vietnam
The Taiwanese technology giant previously expressed an interest in evading the US-China trade war.
2018/07/11 | The Conversation
ANALYSIS: The Pointless Inefficacy of Trump's China Trade War
China gets remarkably little added value from the tech products it exports to the United States.
2017/07/18 | Zhong Changqian
iPhone Workers Become Legendary Warriors in China's Internet Cafes
Neighborhood gaming centers give apathetic and aimless factory workers a portal to another life.
Humans Need Not Apply: Taiwan Company at Forefront of Automation Age with 60,000 Robots Making iPhones
The world's largest contract electronics maker has five "lights-out" factories that are fully automated and require no onsite human presence.
2017/04/28 | FORTUNE
Affordable Chinese Phones May Become Favored Over iPhone, Research Shows
The struggling smartphone market is making a bit of a rebound thanks to a handful of Chinese companies.
2017/04/13 | FORTUNE
An NYU Student Went Undercover at an iPhone Factory in China
One NYU graduate student shares a peek of what it's like to produce iPhones.