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2019/03/22 | Saigoneer
Taiwan Has Implemented Stricter Visa Rules for Vietnamese Tourists
Taiwan re-opened its Kuan Hung visa program for Vietnamese nationals this week, but the rules have been tightened following a high-profile case of missing Vietnamese tourists.
2018/09/13 | Max Schmid
OPINION: Taiwan Must Address Abuse, Illegal Fishing Aboard Its Vessels
Failure to tackle illegal fishing and human rights abuse in the Taiwanese fleet harms the country’s reputation and jeopardizes millions of dollars in seafood trade.
Abuse of Migrant Workers in Taiwan Regular: NGO
‘We see many cases of sexual abuse, harassment or inappropriate contact. Most migrant workers don’t ask for help because if they talk to their broker, they will be threatened to be sent back to their home country.’
2016/07/26 | Edward White
Stranded Vietnamese Waiting for Answers After Kinmen Bridge Contract Canned
'People are still stranded': Vietnamese men brought to Kinmen to construct a major bridge project remain in crowded living quarters on the island and waiting for new jobs in Taiwan. Several of them are victims of human trafficking schemes, and are accruing interest on illegal debts owed to brokers.
2016/09/23 | Edward White
Indonesia’s Migrant Maid Moratorium Creates New Avenues for Mid-East Trafficking
A moratorium on Indonesian women traveling to work in the Middle East is creating new avenues for exploitation.
2017/04/21 | Keith Menconi
Lives of Resilience: Reimagining Taiwan’s Comfort Women
'The history is indeed horrific; estimates vary, but the most commonly cited figure places the total number of comfort women at 200,000.'
2016/09/05 | Li You
Comic Cuts to Core of China’s Women Trafficking Crisis
The new online series ‘Raging Radish’ offers an antidote to the romanticization of trafficking victims’ lives in the countryside.
2017/05/26 | Rebecca Schectman
Malaysia Must Wake Up to Its Human Trafficking Problem
Currently, the Global Slavery Index estimates 128,800 individuals are trapped in modern day slavery in Malaysia. That’s about 0.4% of Malaysia’s total population
2017/07/18 | Camely Arta
Indonesia's House of Grace Gives a New Lease on Life to Young Women
House of Grace cooperates with another non-profit Bandungwangi, which has been reaching out to vulnerable girls and traffic and sexual violence.
Myanmar Refugees Face Resettlement Funding Crisis
Ethnic minority populations are not as excited about repatriation to Myanmar as their foreign aid donors.
2017/12/27 | Morley J Weston
INTERVIEW: Peter Nguyen Van Hung on Migrant Brides and Workers’ Rights
Laws surrounding migrant workers have changed, but there is still much to be done before Taiwan's migrant laborers can live with dignity.