2017/07/19 | Qing Yan

The Gay Bars of Shanghai: Here and Queer for 20 Years

The city’s ever more diverse LGBT establishments are the testament to the perseverance of China’s gay community.

2017/07/04 | Yuan-Ming Chiao

Landmark Decision on ‘Gay Conversion Treatment’ in China

In a decision welcomed by LGBT activists, a Chinese court has ruled in favor of a man forced to undergo conversion treatment.

2017/05/27 | Hendri Yulius

The Politics of Shaming Gay Sex in Indonesia

'Gay shame is reliant on socially constructed norms, all we need is to detach shame from gay bodies and sexuality ... We can confront that gaze, look at it directly, right into their eyes.' writes Hendri Yulius.

2017/04/30 | Matthew Walsh

Why Chinese Nationalists Have a Homophobia Problem

Prejudiced patriots are using supposedly traditional values to ostracize the LGBT community.