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2017/07/31 | Liu Jia
How a Chinese Woman Defied Expectations to Become a Scientist
A Princeton cosmologist reflects on the personal and societal stumbling blocks she faced as a woman in a male-dominated discipline.
2017/04/12 | Ismail Shogo
Tackling Sex Re-assignment Surgery in Malaysia
Ismail Shogo outlines the Malaysian state’s stance on sex re-assignment surgery and seeks to analyze the rationale that underlies it.
2017/04/07 | Saigoneer
The Rise of Saigon’s Stand-Up Scene
Saigon's stand-up comedy scene is catching on and working to include comedians of different backgrounds. 'Diversity in general always makes for better shows,' said Diana Bailey.
2016/12/27 | Sarah O'Meara
How to Be more than a Token Woman in Chinese Politics
Exploring female representation in government and what the future holds for the coming generations in China.
2016/12/08 | Firliana Purwanti
Happily Ever After Divorce
'Unless we change our current perception of gender roles, the only way a woman can live happily is after her divorce.'
2015/12/23 | Kenzo
Male Police Officer Dismissed For Wearing Long Hair Draws Criticism in Taiwan
Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) Shi Yi-xiang points out that the National Police Agency (NPA) does not care about wearing long hair or not. The NPA is worried that once they give in and set a precedent, the police will start questioning the value of their superiors' commands.