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2016/07/20 | Hsu Chia-yu
Chinese Unsatisfied with Baidu’s Response to Illegal Gambling Ads
China’s leading search engine Baidu is under investigation for the late-night promotion of illegal online gambling.
2017/03/04 | Lauren Young
When Bowling Was a Sport Reserved for Royalty
King Henry VIII of England in the 1500s famously banned commoners from participating in bowling.
2017/08/25 | Edward White
A Taiwan Witch Burning
If it is true, Lin Yu-ru's story may go a long way in explaining how her life deteriorated to the point that she decided to kill her husband. Does it also mean that one of Taiwan’s most infamous serial killers isn’t responsible for the death of her mother and mother-in-law?
2017/03/20 | Matthew Fulco
Trouble for Taiwan’s Paradise
With casino gaming off the table, the economy of the idyllic offshore islands of Penghu is more dependent than ever on shaky seasonal tourism.