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2018/01/18 | Kirsten Han
Does Singapore Really Need a 'Fake News' Law?
There are plenty of constraints on free expression in Singapore and fake news appears yet to be a problem.
2017/08/25 | Jonathan Sullivan
The Cambridge Saga and Upholding Western Academic Values in the Face of Chinese Censors
It goes without saying that from the point of view of the integrity of the academic endeavour CUP has made the right decision. While we wait to see how CUP’s business in China may be affected
2017/02/09 | The Japan Times
Limiting the 'Right to be Forgotten'
According to the Supreme Court of Japan, search results can be ordered deleted only when the value of privacy protection clearly surpasses that of information disclosure.
2016/09/20 | J. Michael Cole
OP-ED: China the Twelve Year Old
For far too long we have allowed the tyrant child to determine our actions. This must stop. We must stop fearing it.