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2017/12/25 | Oiwan Lam
Hong Kong Feels a Chill amid Legislative Council Changes
Recent changes to Hong Kong's Legislative Council rules weaken its ability to check the power of the city's government.
2017/05/11 | Justin Hugo
School’s Out: How Singapore Keeps University Reserved for the Elites
[OPINION] The Singapore government is shutting out most Singaporeans from universities while keeping the door wide open to foreigners.
2017/05/06 | Ya-Wen Lei
Agenda Setting in China is Not Always Run by the Party
Ultimately, the future of China’s contentious public sphere is unclear, but it will almost certainly be shaped by multiple actors, intersecting processes, and perhaps even some unintended consequences — just as its emergence was.
2016/08/16 | Edward White
Singapore’s Controversial New Contempt of Court Bill Passes amid Growing Concern
The daughter of Singapore’s founding father says she is amazed more Singaporeans have not protested the new contempt of court laws.
2016/08/04 | TNL Staff
ANALYSIS: Singapore’s New Justice Law has Far-Reaching Implications
A new bill, which will undergo a second reading on Aug. 15, could have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in Singapore and abroad.