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Quantifying China's Expat Community
Suzhou's predominant groups of foreigners are staff employed by multinationals, university staff and independent traders.
2017/11/01 | Toshihiro Menju
Immigration Can Solve Japan's Population Problem
For the sake of a brighter future, Japan must start a national debate on accepting immigrants and the government should adopt more proactive approaches.
2017/09/15 | Ketagalan Media
Does Taiwan Really Need More Foreigners?
Taiwan needs new talent but Taiwanese people’s inability to market the country effectively is hampering its ability to attract the right people.
2017/09/13 | Dave Hicks
China’s Famous Foreigners Doubling as Diplomats
Much-loved foreign celebrities are helping the country project its soft power more authentically than state-sponsored charm offensives.
2017/06/12 | Morley J Weston
INFOGRAPHIC: There are More Foreign Women than Men in Taiwan
Taiwan has more foreign women than men, but this is not equal among the nations.
2017/04/11 | ZiQing Low
No Concrete Plan for Foreigner Train Ticket Hike in Taiwan Despite Minister's Musings
There are no concrete plans for the price hike for now, and the focus is on rail infrastructure upgrade for the time being.
2017/03/09 | Keith Menconi
Foreigners and Taiwanese Unite for Women’s Rights
'I think what makes this event special is that we’re actually uniting Taiwanese people and foreigners.'
2015/11/29 | Sid Weng
Taipei MRT Introducing New Coding System for Foreigners
The new Taipei MRT signs will mark each station with the acronym of the color of the MRT line along with a number. If the station is at the intersection of two metro lines, it will have two numbers. Take Taipei Main Station for example; it is on the intersection of Tamsui-Xinyi Line (red line) and Bannan Line (blue line) so it will be labeled as R10 and BL12.