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2017/01/13 | ZiQing Low
Legal Loopholes Lead to Human Rights Abuses on Taiwanese Fishing Boats: Report
An Indonesian magazine has found that many Indonesian workers working on Taiwanese fishing vessels are inexperienced.
2016/01/21 | Zou Chi
Act Lowering Threshold for Hiring White Collar Foreign Workers Not Passed
The New Power Party is against the Ministry of Labor helping corporations reduce labor costs. It maintains a skeptical attitude towards the impact of this modified act, thinking that it would influence not only local white collar labors, but also those with low salaries.
2015/07/31 | TNL 編輯
Chinese Indonesian to be Repatriated after Working 28 Years in Taiwan
This case shows that the current immigration legal system has many problems. NIA needs to conduct an overall review of immigration policies and listen to the voices of migrants in order to protect their rights.