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2016/08/25 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan and China Fisheries vs. International Law
With China appearing to turn a blind eye to international fishing regulations, how can Taiwan, which is under constant EU scrutiny, improve its fishing industry?
2016/07/13 | Olivia Yang
Taiwan Fishing Industry Faces Possible Heavy Blow From SCS Ruling
Taiwanese authorities are reassuring local fishermen that they will protect their rights and safeguard the NT$18 billion offshore fishing industry in Taiwan.
2016/02/18 | 阿Ken
Taiwan and Japan In Dispute Over Fishing Grounds
After Taiwan and Japan signed the “Taiwan-Japan Fisheries Agreement” in 2013, there have been disputes and complaints from fishermen from both sides. Recently, local fishery groups in Japan have asked the Taiwan-Japan fishing area to be narrowed, raising strong protest from the Suao Fishermen’s Association.