2016/03/09 | TNL 編輯

EU Red Card for Taiwan? Taiwan Pushing For Fisheries Amendments Raises Discussion

In February, piles of young shark bodies without fins were found in Hsinchu, calling the attention to illegal shark finning once again. Last October, a Taiwanese fishing boat, Shuen De Ching No. 888, was also found illegally finning sharks, leading to the EU serving Taiwan a yellow card. The EU gave the Taiwanese government six months to amend laws preventing illegal fishing and discussions have been aroused again as the deadline is approaching at the end of March.

2015/09/26 | Yuan

After Six Years...Taiwan's First Documentary on Offshore Fishermen

Director Kuo believes the fishermen have dedicated themselves to their family, but emotionally they are drifting further away from home. Many people share this feeling and she hopes to convey the perseverance and love for the family through this film.